2,800 Miles Later – From Florida to Idaho

It’s been a while since we updated the blog.  A lot has been happening and let me tell you – it has been quite a journey so far.  It took us six days of driving to make our way to Idaho….with a cat and a dog, too.  Along the way, we stopped to meet Ken in Missouri so that he could pick some stuff up that had been in storage and then make the rest of the drive with us.  It was an interesting and fun drive.  We stopped at camping grounds for a couple of the nights of the drive and stayed in little cabins.  This was a very inexpensive way to lodge and pet friendly!  If you’re in these areas, I would highly recommend two camping grounds that hosted us (and our pets) with a warm welcome.


  • Suzie’s Camp in Sturgis, South Dakota – Suzie was super accommodating even upon our very late arrival. She came right out to greet us and set up the cabin to make sure we were comfortable for the night that we stayed.  I’m impressed that Suzie continues to add to the camp by building a new cabin almost every year.  It was really nice to meet her and I literally felt like we were leaving a friend the next morning when we waved goodbye.
  • Bearmouth Chalet RV Park in Clinton, Montana – It’s obvious that this family-run business takes a lot of pride in their park. I’m impressed with the additions they keep making, including the log cabin we stayed in and the shipping container they converted into a tiny house.  Outside of these special lodgings, there is plenty of room in the chalet if you don’t have an RV or want to camp in a tent.


One more note about the 2,800 mile journey.  The middle of this country really does not get as much attention as it deserves.  Living in the city, in the fast life, it’s easy to forget about the things going on in those non ocean-front states.  As we drove through two days of corn, we talked over our walkie talkies about how much work and pride goes into farming and the things that corn does for this entire country.  The drive was a beautiful and impacting reminder that we really do take things for granted sometimes.


But we finally made it to our destination, just 80 miles south of Canada – which is really funny to see on the GPS every day.  Upon arrival, we did not take much time to rest, maybe two days.  But by resting, I mean exploring the 20 acres of wild, raw land to start to understand the property and determine where to excavate through for the driveway, garden, and building sites for the structures we need.  Within a few days, the bulldozer was on site and we were building.  Our first construction project is a “bath house” for all restroom purposes.  The framing is complete and the guys will start closing it in today.  The roof will go up next.  This is all TOUGH work.  We are all constantly moving.  The weather has been wonderful, though… a drastic change from Jacksonville and though I’m tired at the end of the day when I work on the property, it doesn’t nearly send me to the hospital to work outside all day long as it would if I was in Jacksonville’s 100 degree weather.



Our property is absolutely amazing.  We have a flowing creek that we will eventually harvest water from – we need to build a filtering system and fence it off from deer, elk, and other animals that are drinking from it.  Berries of many varieties grow all over the property.  I am always eating as I walk around!  I have to walk faster than my nephew, Daniel, or he will beat me to every berry that he spots first.  We have a field of mint growing wild that I plan to take advantage of for mint jelly and mojitos!  There are all sorts of edibles on the property.  We have a few spots on the property that we plan to turn into fun spots when we can – a shooting range and a picnic area/deck on a high part of the property that has a panoramic view of several mountains.  I’ve also asked for a yoga deck to be somewhere up high over the treetops.


Erick and I had a few different plans for housing once we were on the property and what we have decided to do is go tiny…. 200 square feet, yes, 200 square feet!  We purchased a large cedar shed that looks like a house. It will be delivered tomorrow and then we will fit the inside as a tiny house that we will live in for a few years while we help Ken and Adrienne build their house on the property first.  This will also give Erick and me plenty of time to determine what we think is the best spot for our forever cabin.  So, that’s the latest and greatest of our ever evolving chronicles.  Out of curiosity, what is the smallest size house that you would consider living in?  Leave a comment below and let us know.

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