Update To Homestead Chronicles

Today marks one year since we moved from Florida to Idaho. It has been a CRAZY year. We bought a property, sold that property, bought another property, are almost ready to move onto the new property. This Friday, the power company is hooking us up to the grid and, honestly, we can move on anytime Read More


Building A Tiny Cabin – The Making Of A Home

Here in northern Idaho, the weather is definitely taking a turn.  Summer seems to be behind us.  Just this week we dipped from mid 80s to mid 70s and today will only see a high in the mid 60s. I think..… perhaps..… Fall is here!  This is the weather I love the most.  Living in Read More


2,800 Miles Later – From Florida to Idaho

It’s been a while since we updated the blog.  A lot has been happening and let me tell you – it has been quite a journey so far.  It took us six days of driving to make our way to Idaho….with a cat and a dog, too.  Along the way, we stopped to meet Ken Read More


Apples To Apples? Not! Searching For Off Grid Property

Our hunt for land started this week.  Our dream of off grid homesteading is moving toward a reality.  It’s been interesting, exciting, and scary!  It has also been very educational.  We have been learning about water rights, mineral rights, easements, and road access.   A couple of things have already been key in this endeavor.  Read More