Building A Tiny Cabin – The Making Of A Home

Here in northern Idaho, the weather is definitely taking a turn.  Summer seems to be behind us.  Just this week we dipped from mid 80s to mid 70s and today will only see a high in the mid 60s. I think..… perhaps..… Fall is here!  This is the weather I love the most.  Living in an area with four seasons is heaven!  So far, anyhow.  Winter is coming – and I hope I’ll be singing the same song then.


But as winter is on its way, the homestead is super busy in preparation.  TONS of things have been happening.  I thought all of these events might warrant ………..another blog post!!!!!


The last couple weeks have been emotional for several reasons that have been both close to home and not as much, but regardless – the days have been long.  But even with long days, we have leaped forward on the homestead with much progress.  If you didn’t see the news, Erick and I moved into the tiny cabin on August 17th!  We are now living in 200 square feet.  Once the insulation, electrical, ceiling, walls, and floors were in, we just couldn’t bear to tent camp any longer.  We moved our cots into the tiny cabin and have since been much warmer at night.  Even though the days have reached about 80 and 90 degrees, it gets down to the mid 40s to high 30s.  The tiny cabin is so well insulated – we are quite impressed and curious to see how it will hold up this winter.


As we moved into the tiny cabin, we were anxious to bring our bed inside but decided to hold off.  This was SO hard for us.  Patience is rough sometimes!  But since we still needed to build a bed, we continued to use the cots.  Everything is just too dusty no matter how much you sweep, mop, and wipe everything every day.  As a matter of fact, we purchased more grass seed and hay last weekend to fight the dust that comes from all the bulldozing.  We don’t expect the dust to let up on us until we get through this winter.

IMG_0584 (1)

So, our next step was to build our kitchen.  Erick and I have been studying tiny living in order to make the best decisions we can in this shift.  We have picked up on a few tricks – open concepts and smaller items make the space feel bigger.  Coming from a “normal” house, we always opted for bigger, chunkier furniture but that just won’t work in a tiny cabin.  While we did go a little bigger with our kitchen than most tiny builders might, we did use an open concept and this seemed to work out well for our needs.  We both love to cook.  We are proud to be foodies!  So, the kitchen was really important to us.  But with the bigger build than most would have chosen, we can also use the space for our dining area, a desk, a sewing station, or any other work area that we might need.  It actually turned out quite perfect if you ask me.  Cooking outside was fun and I became a real whiz at cooking over a fire – everything from meatballs to steak to chicken and rice casseroles.  HOWEVER, it is nice to not need to squat and bend to cook a nice meal and wash dishes.


We did have a moment of terror last week as Erick was cutting the very last piece of wood for our kitchen.  Adrienne called while I was in town to tell me that Erick had cut his thumb on the table saw and she was driving him from our fire department to a nearby urgent care facility.  I happened to be near the urgent care so I met them there.  In the end, Erick had to have five stitches and it was a valuable lesson to not fight a table saw because the table saw will win.  It could have been much worse of a situation so in the end, I think we are both grateful that it was what it was and not more.


Once the kitchen was behind us, we started working on our bed.  Erick had a clear vision of what it would look like and we were happy that it only took us about four or so hours to build and stain.  The nephews each took a turn to stain the bed, too.  It’s surreal having a kitchen and a bed in the tiny cabin.  At moments, I just stand there, staring at it all because it is becoming such a home and to tell you the truth, it’s quite comfortable, quite cozy.  We absolutely love it and I am so very proud of Erick for all of his effort to build this for us.  I also can’t thank my brother-in-law, Ken, enough for all of his help, especially when I leave during the weekdays.  His ideas and second set of hands has been a huge help to Erick through the building of the tiny cabin.

IMG_0619     IMG_0600


Now that Erick and I are under a roof again and have a couple comforts, Erick and Ken have turned their attention back to the bath house.  In just the last few days, they purchased the remaining materials to finish the project.  They have also run the electrical, installed the windows, built and hung one of the two doors.  I believe that by the end of next week, we might be migrating from the RV’s outdoor shower to the bath house shower – and just in time for this cooler weather that is moving in.  Everything really does usually work out, you know.  You just need to have faith – and hard working men don’t hurt anything, either.


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3 thoughts on “Building A Tiny Cabin – The Making Of A Home

  1. Looks like ya’ll are rocking it! Nice work on the cabin and bath house! Glad to hear Ericks injury was somewhat minor and he can keep working. This lifestyle is one huge gamble every day you go to work. Always thankful for our good health. We’re expecting about 4 more weeks of workable weather before the rains kick in and everything turns to mud. Keep up the hard work and stay healthy!

    • Thanks, Alyssa. I am such a BAD blogger! I haven’t been keeping up in the last few months but hey… time for New Year resolutions, right??? Erick’s injury was a scary moment and a needed lesson. We were grateful that he wasn’t hurt too bad and that we were able to reflect to realize that you have to slow down out here sometimes. This is dangerous stuff. Thanks for the warm wishes. We wish you guys the best, as well.

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