We’re Moving To Lake Pend Oreille!

I didn’t post any blogs this Winter. It was a long Winter. To tell you the truth, I have loved the beauty of the season and the weather has not been an issue for me. We experienced a few good snows here in North Idaho – two or more feet came down a few times. It certainly made for a lot of work – clearing all of the snow. Erick spent a lot of time on the ATV making sure our very long driveway and access road to the property was plowed so that both families could get on and off the property.


Winter in North Idaho is pretty magical to say the least. Everything is so bright and white. On a night when the sky is clear, the white snow lights up everything. You almost feel like you’re on the moon…. if the moon had lots of trees – LOL.


But Winter is moving along. Soon she’ll be gone. The snow is melting off and we are celebrating not only the warm, sunny days to come but also some really BIG NEWS. We’ve been dying to tell you —– WE’RE MOVING! We are ready to pack some cardboard boxes and move along once the snow is gone.


Erick and I recently sold our share of the property in Spirit Lake and then purchased a little patch of heaven about an hour more north. It’s only an acre but it’s ALL OURS! And the fact that we own just an acre compliments the lifestyle changes we have been making since moving to North Idaho.


We’re very excited about our new homestead for several reasons. So, here are a few of the reasons in no particular order:


Reason #1 – Living on the lake! Yes, we’ll be “lakesiders!” Being able to take a walk down to the water and go for a swim after work is a real quality of life change for us – one that we giddily embrace. We can already imagine waking up, having our coffee while looking across the lake at Schweitzer Mountain, and then catching some fish for lunch! Pinch me again! I can’t believe this is real. Here’s a sneak peak of our new homestead, along the beautiful Lake Pend Oreille.


Reason #2 – One acre is very practical and certainly usable. Cabin, parking, chickens, garden, and fun areas like a fire pit and outdoor cooking area. But in keeping with living more of a minimal life, a simple life, we are only taking what we need by purchasing one acre. Now that we think about living on 20 acres before this, we think it was a bit ridiculous. That was simply more property than we ever needed or should have wanted. Some people think more is better but we believe that less is more.


Reason #3 – We are getting back on power. Living off grid was a wonderful experience. We learned so many things. We learned what you need and don’t need to be comfortable and also to be productive. Because we only had our generator for power, we learned how to really disconnect from all the noise – television, internet, even phones. And our Champion 7500 watt generator is a beast! It provides more power than we need when we need it. But living off grid like this also caused hardship at times, especially when it came to working from home. At least a few times, Erick turned the generator off while I was in a meeting through Skype. Whoops! We were promised help with setting up a battery bank that would have helped us from running the generator all the time but that never happened. We will never let anyone lead us down the wrong dirt road again with empty promises. If we don’t know how to do something on our own or don’t feel that we can figure it out, we probably won’t go in that direction. We did learn a lot about conserving energy, though, and will take these practices with us when we are back on the grid.


Reason #4 – We are moving closer to civilization but will still have that secluded woodsy atmosphere on this property – we get the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS. Living an hour away from any resources takes discipline and planning. Grocery shopping wasn’t a problem because we do stock up on food a little just for the fact that we are foodies. What we found to be most annoying about living in the boonies was being away from building supply stores while being in a construction mode that was intended to last several years. While in construction on the Spirit Lake property, it was a huge frustration to sometimes get all the way back to the property and realize that you didn’t think about this or that for the next project or the current project! We spent so much time and money driving back and forth last Summer and Fall.


Besides that, we also just missed the culture that comes with living close to a town. For us, we fell in love with Sandpoint when we landed in Idaho and there are just so many things going on year round in that town. When Winter set in, we found ourselves stuck in Spirit Lake most of the time because the drive was too treacherous to Sandpoint. Also, it got dark as early as 3pm at some times during the Winter, which adds even more danger to a road with two inches of ice on it. Anyhow, we are looking forward to building our own homestead just 10 minutes from downtown Sandpoint and we already feel ourselves coming back from the dead! In one conversation around this, Erick quoted William Wallace from Braveheart, saying, “Every man dies. Not every man really lives.”



So with that, stay tuned. There is much more to come. Our homestead chronicles are picking up speed. Be sure to subscribe to this blog so you can keep up with us. Here we go!


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    • Thanks for the encouragement, Deb! Anyone can always take even small steps to be more self-sufficient and live simply. Start a container garden, find ways to use less electricity and water, learn to sew, plan meals a week at a time or for the month so you only buy groceries you need. You may be doing these things already – just some ideas.

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